Map your marketing goals to an actionable cr oss-channel integration and data driven analytics strategy

Analytics Strategy

Extract actionable insights from cross-channel data, no matter where it's hidden - SQL databases, Big Data stores, unstructured data, social channels, mobile... no problem

System Integration

Transform your disconnected sales and marketing systems into actionable cross-channel insights and drive your

Marketing Analytics

eSage Group helps companies use data to greatly improve sales and marketing performance.

  • What We Do

    We create consolidated sales and marketing analytics platforms that offer powerful cross-channel insights on your customers.

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  • How We Do It

    We have a clear focus on helping you obtain the insights needed to greatly improve your marketing performance in the most efficient manner possible.

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  • The Value

    Quickly and effectively connect your marketing data to uncover hidden insights and improve campaign performance.

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Quickly Derive Value from your Big Data








Connected Intelligence. Powerful Insights.

To derive value from data residing in today’s vast number of marketing channels – web sites, social, CRM, digital advertising, mobile, and Big Data – organizations must develop robust analytics solutions to extract hidden relationships across these channels and derive new insights. The result is more effective marketing campaigns, improved customer engagement, increased customer lifetime value and ultimately greater revenue.

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Our Value

eSage Group’s services helps you quickly and effectively connect your marketing data from social media, websites, digital advertising, customer relationship management and other enterprise systems, allowing you to move from isolated data to fully integrated, cross-channel predictive analytics. This allows you the ability to uncover hidden insights that give you a more complete view of your customers, leading to more effective marketing campaigns and continual improvement throughout the life of the campaign.

Data Integration

Actionable Insights



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