big data quickstart intro

RAPID INSIGHTS: Get results in weeks, not months.


Are you looking to get a production Big Data analytics infrastructure up and running in short order? eSage Group can help.


With our 3-step QuickStart solution, we leverage our teams experience and tools to get you extracting powerful insights from your big data in no time…all without breaking the bank.


We collaborate with your IT and marketing teams to understand your specific analytics requirements, evaluate your current infrastructure, explore various solution options, then architect and rapidly deploy the appropriate reporting infrastructure to get your reporting solution into production.


Our process assures the solution will allow tracking of your key marketing goals, will fit within your current technical environment and will ultimately offer a platform that best fits your organizational requirements and budgetary constraints.



Before designing and building, we first assess your current technology infrastructure and understand your key reporting analytics needs and capabilities.



Our experienced architects will design a best fit solution that supports your specific data storage, infrastructure and analytics requirements.


Our design focuses on leveraging your existing infrastructure and tools to provide the insights you require to greatly improve your sales and marketing performance.




We build and deploy the recommended solution within your current infrastructure, load data and pilot key reports in an agile fashion.


Our solution results in a production reporting environment that allows you the ability to rapidly analyze and extract value from your Big Data.



•  Big Data analytics architecture configured

•  High priority data connections established

•  Source data loaded

•  Key analytics reports delivered in weeks!