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Microsoft BIThe eSage Group is a Marketing Data Analytics firm established in 1998, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. We have Fortune 500 clients including Disney, the LA Times, and Microsoft.

 Our company is always on the lookout for talented developers at all levels in both Mexico and the US. We have worked hard to create a company culture of sharp, quick learning, hardworking professionals who enjoy being part of a winning team with high expectations. As such, we hire self-motivated people with excellent technical abilities who also exhibit keen business acumen and a drive for customer satisfaction and solving our client’s business challenges.

 Immediate opening for Business Intelligence Analyst

eSage Group has an immediate opening for a Business Intelligence Analyst to work with our client based in Redmond, WA. You will be working in Bellevue, WA and in our office in Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle.

If you have 3+ years experience, are strong with data visualization and working with business stakeholders to communicate findings, we want to talk to you!!

Please submit your resume via Indeed!



We need  Mid-Level Business Intelligence Engineers (3+ years of experience) and Business Intelligence Analysts with strong familiarity with Microsoft BI stack.esage 2logo

All candidates must have a strong interested in business intelligence and marketing analytics. They must be willing to work with other companies at the same time. They must have a strong desire to understand business problems and look to disparate data sources to integration to gain insights to help solve the business problems.

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

eSage Group seeks the full-time services of a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst.  The Senior Business Intelligence Analyst will analyze a client’s current computer systems and procedures to make recommendations toward greater efficiency.  This position marries business needs and objectives with information technology.  Strong technical skills with SQL Server and .Net Development will be required for these projects as well as the ability to provide ongoing support after systems are deployed into a production environment.

Specifically, the Senior Business Intelligence Analyst will develop advanced Excel based Data Visualization reports; perform data analysis on existing client SQL data resources to understand data quality and content; build new data feeds to data warehouse to onboard new data sources; integrate new data with existing data; write regular status reports updating client on status and open issues requiring resolution for project progression; evaluate client’s business and data to perform quality assessments of data and reports.

The position will be sited at times with our client in Bellevue, Washington.  The Senior Business Intelligence Developer will also work at our offices in Seattle, Washington.

Business Intelligence Engineers

English language fluency is necessary effectively communicate and ascertain the needs of our clients.

• Advanced English Skills both written and spoken
• Advanced Excel and SQL skills
• Strong past data analysis experience
• Good oral and written communication skills
• A keen eye for detail is required. This person must be extremely detail oriented
• Ability to produce high quality, accurate, deliverables
• Proven ability to work under pressure with deadlines
• Ability to learn quickly, follow direction, and execute tasks independently

Technical Skills
• SQL Server
Knowledge of databases, stored procedures, and writing T-SQL script. Should know about primary and foreign keys, indexes and why they are important. Should know how to use temporary tables and know something about the use of cursors within a script. Basic error handling within a script would also be nice.

• OLAP / Analysis Services
Ability to design and build an OLAP database within Visual Studio. Understand the following concepts: Data Source View, calculated measures, named set, referenced dimension, Measure Group. Able to deploy and process an OLAP database. Understanding of basic MDX and how it is different from SQL. Knows the difference between a set, a tuple, and a value.

• SSIS (Integration Services)
Experience designing SSIS packages that can extract, transform, and load data. Use of Data Flow and Script Task components. Able to use C# and variables within SSIS. Able to package and deploy SSIS components.

• C# / .NET Framework
This includes the ability to create custom classes, interfaces, and events. Understands concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, referenced assemblies, and delegates. Should be comfortable working with lists (.NET or custom) and familiar with the standard .NET types arrays, dictionaries, lists, structs. Knowledge of Generics is a plus.

Experience Desired

  • Ability to develop, troubleshoot, deploy, and optimize new or existing Java programs, as well as use dependent jar libraries as needed. Comfortable using Ant or Maven for builds.
  • Knowledge of standard OOP (Object Oriented Programing) procedures and standards, best practices, etc. Ability to work in a TDD (Test Driven Development) environment a plus.
  • Experience with either Unix, Linux, or related operating systems and knows how to access and use from a Windows computer (Cygwin / SSH, etc). Familiarity with a convenient server scripting language such as bash or Python.
  • Skilled in different open source web server technologies, such as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), JSP (Java Server Pages) + Spring, Tomcat, JBoss, Jersey (or some other) Rest API servlets.
  • Must be fluent in JavaScript and some related helper libraries such as JQuery, understand the page lifecycle and Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation.
  • Understand website flow and design and be able to handle page navigation, tabular layouts, form validation and processing, and error handling. CSS positioning and layout experience is a definite plus. Note: This is not a web developer specific position so these are nice to haves.
  • Proficient in databases and especially in data extraction using JDBC drivers. Able to understand relational database design and optimization (use of referential integrity, stored procedures, et).
  • Should be able to take client direction, gather requirements, assemble use cases, and participate in a team environment on shared tasks and goals.
  • Big pluses for familiarity or experience working in Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, web / network security (LDAP, Authz, et), HTML5, non-columnar data stores such as MongoDB or Cassandra.

Please email your resume to tinam (at) esagegroup (.) com and/or complete form below.

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