eSage Group’s services help you quickly and effectively connect your marketing data from social media, websites, digital advertising, sales, customer relationship management and other enterprise systems, allowing you to move from isolated data to fully integrated, multi-channel predictive analytics. Our approach allows you the ability to uncover hidden insights about your customers and improve campaign performance through continuous feedback, channel attribution analysis and optimization.

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By integrating disparate marketing data channels, you are able to get a comprehensive view of marketing performance over time and across channels to better understand customer preferences, purchase history, interactions, demographics, and lifetime value.

  • Integrated Web Analytics, Marketing, Social & Sales Data
  • Track Omni-Channel Engagement, Attribution and Sales across Channels with 360 Customer Views
  • Predictive Analytics through Connected Data & Machine Learning


With a better understanding of your customers and overall marketing performance, you can design more effective campaigns that require less spend and produce better results; results that you can demonstrate with tangible quantitative data.

  • Efficiently Target, Engage & Influence Prospects across Channels
  • Optimize Marketing Performance through Feedback Loops
  • Understand & Predict Customer Lifetime Value by Segment


By building the right infrastructure and designing your campaigns with data collection and attribution analysis in mind, your marketing insights will continue to improve. You will be able to quickly refine your marketing campaigns via continuous feedback, perform predictive analytics and execute overall smarter campaigns.

  • Tune Marketing Efforts with Detailed Performance Tracking and Feedback
  • Eliminate Ineffective Marketing that doesn’t Drive Revenue
  • Map Marketing Mix Spend & Performance to Engagement & Revenue